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Larry Ekundayo
Larry Ekundayo is former IBF European Champion and Nigeria's No.1 rated boxer. He is on the brink of fighting and winning a world title for his country. 
As a boxer Larry has excelled as an amateur and professional. Hailing form Lagos, Nigeria, he won the Lagos State title 5 times and represented his country internationally, including at the Commonwealth Games. As a professional he sensationally won the Sky Sports Prizefighter tournament in only his 5th pro fight, subsequently he went on to win the Masters title, and African titles before becoming European Champion.
Having already worked with airlines and banks he is ideally placed to enhance your organisations brand or product as a celebrity Brand Ambassador. In fact, he's the only boxer to have had a motion passed in the Nigerian House of Representatives specifically asking brands to work with him to deliver sporting glory back to Nigeria. 



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London - 15/02/20 -

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 And here's Anthony Joshua to ask YOU to get behind Larry...

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