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We bring together over 20 years of professional boxing experience to utilize our elite network of industry professionals to deliver world class results for you

Ben Gray is the CEO of World Class Athletes and has two passions in life, boxing and the environment. Having spent 10 years successfully raising many millions of pounds for a rainforest charity, which he was acknowledged by HRH Queen Elizabeth II for, he decided to dedicate himself full time to Boxing.​

As a fan Ben has been watching boxing since the 1980’s but his professional experience started over 20 years ago, in 1999, when he worked for Lennox Lewis and Panix Promotions. A decade later Ben started working with elite level Nigerian fighters, initially as a Commercial Manager, raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for his fighters before becoming the official representative for Nigerian boxing in the UK. This involved liaising at the highest echelons of Government, even helping to pass a motion in the Nigeria Houses of Representatives for the country to support their boxers.

More recently, he was approached by a Saudi Arabian promotional company to assist in their endeavors to stage major world title fights in the Kingdom, where he helped to protect their interest and monetize their events. He is licensed as a Manager by both the British and the Nigerian Boxing Boards of Control and is still as passionate about boxing, the fighters and the health of the sport today as he was when he first discovered the sport over 40 years ago.

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